This section of the website contains the official documentation and other media produced and published by the Southern Iowa Council of Governments (SICOG).

Resiliency Toolkit

This workbook is intended to serve as a toolkit — with resources and references for traditional partners. The toolkit, however, is not all-inclusive. There will be partners in your community or your region who may need to be included or engaged. That’s part of the planning process — identifying those entities that need to be at the table, both now and at times of crisis.

Grant Opportunities

This section provides a complete overview of the many grants that are available to the SICOG region. While not all available grants are shown, the grants that are displayed represent the grants that Staff believes are the most worthwhile. Information that is provided includes the grant name, funding uses, eligible applicants, and estimated deadlines.

Press Releases

Here is where press releases will be accessible once issued by SICOG. The newer press releases will be available towards the top. Each press release will: be labeled by its name, provide a short description, and have a pdf document of the press release available as a picture thumbnail.


When a plan, report, or similar document is created or promoted by SICOG, it will be placed here. Example documents include: Hazard Mitigation Plans, Comprehensive Plans, the CEDS, Housing Reports, etc. Most ATURA related documents are available under the Affiliates tab on the ATURA page.

Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Upcoming meeting agendas for the SICOG Executive and Project Board meetings, Southern Iowa Development Group (SIDG) Executive Board Meetings, Southern Iowa COG Housing Trust Fund Inc. (SICOGHTF) Executive Board Meetings, and ATURA Policy Board and Technical Committee meetings.

Previous meeting minutes for SICOG meetings (which includes the SICOG Executive and Project Board, SIDG, and SICOGHTF meetings) and ATURA meetings will be available here.


SICOG often documents meetings and events by taking pictures. This section of the website displays all of the photographs either taken by SICOG or may be of interest to website visitors. All pictures are organized in photo albums. Click on the applicable photo album to view available photos.


SICOG produces a monthly newsletter and can be accessed through this section. The current and previous editions of the newsletter are available here.  You can sign up for the monthly newsletter here.