Grant Writing/Administration

While community and regional planning is central to the mission of SICOG, a good plan cannot be carried out if there are too few resources available. One of the key resources is funding. In this way, SICOG assists members. There are many granting agencies, foundations, and organizations, but finding them and preparing a quality application can deplete city resources and tax city staff. SICOG staff members are experienced in all kinds of grant applications; from simple one page paper forms or letters to complicated online federal applications. SICOG has assisted members and other organizations in the region who have received grants from federal, state, regional, local, non-profit, and private sources. Below is a summary of our services.

Grant Writing

SICOG explores grant opportunities and notifies members and others via e-mail alerts, the monthly Windmill, and other avenues, as warranted. SICOG also meets with communities and organizations about project needs and will then research and advise the project planners on the potential for various grants in order to be efficient with people’s time and energy. SICOG prepares lists of possible grants and works with project planners to develop a plan for funding and a summary of the items necessary to make a grant successful. Once all parties are in agreement on a grant or grants to be sought, SICOG works with the community to gather the necessary information and then prepares the application forms and documents. SICOG also submits the documents and, as needed, provides follow-up. Member communities receive grant writing as part of their membership dues.


SICOG has extensive knowledge in fundraising activities. However, SICOG limits its assistance in this area to advising the community on best practices and providing technical services. We do not make it practice to attend events or donate items to fundraisers.

Grant Administration

Some grants, particularly government grants, are more complicated than local grantees, who may have limited staff, want to manage on their own. Some of these grants have built in funding for grant administration. SICOG has extensive experience in administering grants from numerous sources. We help the communities we serve on a contract basis by completing financial documents, reimbursement forms, environmental assessments, wage compliance documentation, and overall record keeping. SICOG serves as an intermediary between the community and the government agency or grantor.