Grant Opportunities

Some grants are commonly sought by SICOG members and other community development organizations in the region. This page provides a brief summary of some of the reoccurring grants. Please contact SICOG staff to determine the current status of all grants and to learn if the project being proposed will fit grant eligibility and priorities.

Source/Program Funding Uses SICOG Due Date
FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Hazard mitigation plans and projects, including tornado safe rooms, building and utility retrofits, minor flood control projects, elevations and relocations of buildings in flood hazard areas and storm water management projects (Eligible: local governments and some nonprofits) Floating (NOIs as soon as possible)
2020 Iowa Workforce Housing Tax Credits Provides tax benefits to developers to provide housing in Iowa communities, focusing especially on those projects using abandoned, empty or dilapidated properties. (Eligible: private developers in partnership with local governments) June 20
RISE Local Development Program Funding to provide road/street access to expand business parks and development areas (Eligible: local governments) June 30
Iowa West Foundation Community development, economic development, education, and human needs projects (Eligible: local governments and some nonprofits, limited to Adams and Taylor Counties) June 30
Iowa DNR Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program Up to 100% grants to fund various outdoor recreation and resource enhancement projects, such as trails, open space development, land acquisition, water access, and related projects (eligible: cities and county conservation boards) June 30
Our Town Grants Federal grants for integrating arts, culture, and design activities into efforts that strengthen communities, such as placemaking type projects (Eligible: local governments and certain nonprofits) June 30
Traffic Safety Improvement Program Site-specific improvements, new traffic control devices, studies and outreach related to safety of roads and intersections (Eligible: local governments) June 30
CDBG Water and Sewer Program Water and wastewater capital improvements: plants, mains, lagoons, pumps, towers, etc. (Eligible: local governments) June 30 (next quarterly round)
CDBG Upper Story Housing Program Grants to help developers in partnership with cities to redevelop upper story rental or owner housing for low and moderate income residents in buildings that are not occupiable at this time (eligible: local governments) June 30
RISE Local Development Program Funding to provide road/street access to expand business parks and development areas (Eligible: local governments) July 1
Certified Local Government Program Program that funds projects related to historic preservation, such as National Register nominations, education projects, surveys, planning for preservation, and other planning projects (Eligible: recognized Certified Local Governments) July 15
Highway Bridge Program (STBG set-aside) Replacement or rehab of structurally deficient or functionally obsolete bridges (Eligible: local governments) August 1
County and City Bridge Program Replacement of public roadway bridges (Eligible: local governments) August 1
Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) Tourism, recreation, and entertainment capital projects, such as museums, libraries, swimming pools, trails, large recreational areas, amphitheaters, etc. (Eligible: local governments, nonprofits, some private entities) August 1 (if funds available)
Federal Recreational Trails Fund Provide and maintain motorized and non-motorized recreational trails and trail-related projects (Eligible: local governments) August 15
IDNR Solid Waste Alternatives Program Program to encourage landfill alternatives – recycling, diversion, new technologies, new manufacturing processes, etc. (Eligible: local governments and certain nonprofits) September 1
IDNR Fish Habitat Program Funding for projects to improve fishing habitat at public water bodies (Eligible: county conservation boards) September 30
Alliant Energy Foundation Community Grants Program Grants for playgrounds, health and wellness projects, public safety, education, culture and arts, and other local needs (Eligible: local governments and non-profits in communities served by Alliant Energy) Ongoing
ITC/ IRDC “Power of Connection” Community Grant Program Grants up to $5,000 for capacity building, strategic planning, studies or assessments for a variety of community programs and issues (Eligibility: rural communities) Ongoing
Highway Safety Improvement Provides grants for low-cost, systematic safety improvements in the $10,000/mile range, focusing on lane departure crashes. (Eligible: local governments) Ongoing
Small Town Sign Replacement


The program will provide up to $5,000 for signs and signposts per applying community on a first-come, first-served basis. (Eligible: local governments) Ongoing
Traffic Engineering Assistance

Program (TEAP)

Provides 100 hours of engineering assistance for operations and traffic safety issues. (Eligible: local governments) Ongoing