Timothy Ostroski
Executive Director
Judy Brimm
Finance Director
Jeremy Rounds
Regional Planner
  Regional Planner
Stu Burzette
Transportation Planner
  Office Manager/H-RLF Representative

Timothy Ostroski – Executive Director

Timothy Ostroski has served as the Executive Director of the Southern Iowa Council of Governments (SICOG) and the Southern Iowa Development Group (SIDG) since February 1984. Mr. Ostroski also serves as the Executive Director of the Southern Iowa COG Housing Trust Fund, Inc, a charitable foundation with its mission to improve housing in the area. Previously, he was the owner of Southern Iowa Planning Company, a private consulting company. Prior to starting his own consulting company, he was the Planning Director for the SICOG. Ostroski is the past chair and serves on the executive board of the Iowa Association of Regional Councils. He has served on the Board of Directors of both the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and National Association of Regional Council (NARC). He has received the Superior Service award from the USDA and has been a speaker on rural development, as well as, a panelist for the National Rural Conference hosted by President Bill Clinton. Ostroski holds a master’s degree in Geography from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Judy Brimm – Finance Director

Judy Brimm is the Finance Director of SICOG and is responsible for all the financials of SICOG and SICOG Affiliates. In addition to her financial duties, she assists with RLF programs, reporting, and assists with most of SICOG’s programs.

Jeremy Rounds – Regional Planner

An employee of SICOG since 1998, Jeremy Rounds has a Bachelors of Science in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University.  Jeremy is a Regional Planner at SICOG that does a little bit of everything, including: comprehensive plans, hazard mitigation plans, housing projects, water and sewer projects, and numerous grant applications.  His passion is community and housing development, focusing on making the region as prosperous and viable as possible.  He works to find new funding avenues to solve the region’s problems and to introduce ideas that will improve quality of life and community design. In his time at SICOG, he has worked on hundreds of projects, from housing grants and large planning documents to administration of CDBG and FEMA grants


 Regional Planner

Look for the announcement of the “new” regional planner coming soon.

Stuart Burzette – Transportation Planner

Stu Burzette is a Regional/ Transportation Planner with SICOG who works to sharpen and expand his grant writing skills while also assisting with CDBG administration, comprehensive planning, and hazard mitigation planning. His primary activities will be to assist the ATURA Transportation Affiliation to help direct regional transportation activities. His responsibilities will include updating the ATURA Transportation Long Range Plan.

Planning Tech

SICOG is hiring! We have an opening for a “Planning Tech”. This is the entry-level class Planning Position. Initially under closer supervision, individual at this level perform the more routine duties in support of the SICOG’s current and long range planning projects including performing research, data collection and report preparation duties while learning SICOG policies, procedures, and specific techniques related to area of assignment. As experience is gained, assignments gradually become more diversified and individual work with greater independence.