Programs and Projects

The Southern Iowa COG Housing Trust Fund (HTF) has several programs available to residents of the Iowa COG Region. Each program was created to accomplish a specific goal and therefore, all HTF programs have restrictions in place. Please review each program to see if it is right for you.


Creston I&I Hardship Assistance Program

This assistance will be directed towards owner-occupied households in Creston needing repairs to their sanitary sewer in order to be compliant with city code.


This is an area that highlights past projects undertaken by SICOG HTF. It may give you insight regarding what we do and what projects we may assist with.

Weatherization and Senior Livability

The goal is to make the homes as energy efficient, safe, healthy, and comfortable as we can, within the monetary limits of our program.  The project does this through insulation of walls, attics, band joists and crawl spaces.

Additionally the HTF will invest in senior homes to allow for the individual to continue to live at home thru allowing for renovation bathrooms and other senior friendly repairs.

Rehabilitation Housing Disabilities

This project assists with the purchase of homes to house individuals who are intellectually disabled; those with a brain injury or mental illness. The houses are staffed 24/7 and staff is paid to teach the occupants to cook, take care of their home, manage their budget and their leisure time. POI Staff on duty is responsible for the safety and maintenance of the house. There is a social worker who touches base weekly making sure fire and safety drills are done, compliance issues are attended to, houses are free of hazards, etc. The project results in lower cost of purchase and maintenance, thereby making these homes more affordable, safe and livable for the disabled occupants.

New Construction

The Southern Iowa COG Housing Trust Fund will partner with developers, Iowa Finance Authority, cities and financial institutions to provide low-interest loans and grants to construct affordable single-family and multi-family housing developments. The project will assist the developer to reduce the rent through lower construction cost. With the participation of funds from the SICOG HTF, both the developer and the tenant achieve affordability, enrich the community, and reduce the cost of ownership.

Senior Citizen Living Complex

The Southern Iowa COG Housing Trust Fund will partner with existing senior living facilities to provide low-interest loans and grants to assist with renovations such as walk-in bathtubs, windows, and heating units. The project will enable the owners to reduce or maintain rent. With the participation of funds from the SICOG HTF, both the owner and senior tenants achieve affordability and enrich the community.