Membership Services

As a condition of membership in the Southern Iowa Council of Governments, each local unit of government contributes or has contributed on its behalf a per capita fee to help cover basic operating costs and to provide basic membership services. Most SICOG services are supported through the per capita fee paid by all SICOG members or by various state and federal sources of funding.

Generally, the following services are provided at no cost and included as a privilege of membership.

1. Provide a forum for addressing intergovernmental needs and issues.

2. Maintain liaison with state and federal agencies and organizations.

3. Coordinate intergovernmental activities.

4. Conduct or sponsor seminars on specific topics of concern.

5. Provide census and other statistical data.

6. Disseminate information concerning available programs or assistance.

7. Prepare and distribute newsletters.

8. Maintain cooperation and coordination with other local/area-wide organizations and agencies.

9. Conduct short-term research for local problem solving.

10. Consult with local governments on specific problems.

11. Provide short-term technical assistance to local governments.

12. Research and identify prospective funding sources for local governments.

13. Research and prepare grant/loan applications.

In addition to the services provided to member governments at no additional cost, other services are available to member governments as well as to non-member governments and organizations on a contractual basis. The SICOG Executive Board defined contract services to establish fair guidelines for all member governments. Furthermore, the Board wanted to assure that all member governments share equally in base support for SICOG, all member governments have access to the same basic services,  a member government in need of long-term or special assistance supports that cost, and non-member governments and organizations defray the costs of requested assistance. With this philosophy in mind, the SICOG Executive Board has formally adopted a policy to use per capita dues paid by member governments to cover basic operating costs and to provide basic membership services. The Board has also formally adopted a variable hourly fee schedule based on operating costs and the staff level involved in providing services. These hourly fees are applied to member governments which request specified contractual services and to non-member governments and organizations for all services and assistance requested. The hourly fee includes gross salary, fringe benefits, office rent, utilities, and miscellaneous general office expenses. In addition to the hourly fee all reimbursable expenses incurred will be charged. Total contract fees may be negotiated for long-term or large-scale projects such as comprehensive plans, ordinances, grant administration services, etc.

The following services are contracted at a variable hourly fee or a negotiated project fee. Services are provided to non-members on a time-available basis only.

1. Provide administrative and management assistance.

2. Assist local governments in preparation or revision of local ordinances.

3. Prepare new or updated comprehensive plans or other functional plans.

4. Provide copying and printing services.

5. Provide mapping services.

6. Prepare local government brochures, fact sheets, or other promotional materials.

7. Prepare special studies.

If you are interested in having one of these plans completed for your community or would like more information about anything mentioned on this page, please contact our office. Contact information can be found here.