Creston I&I Hardship Assistance Program

Program Introduction
The purpose of the I&I Hardship Assistance Program is to facilitate physical rehabilitation of privately owned residential building sewers for incorporated areas within the City of Creston. The City has created the program to encourage property owners to remove illegal connections to the sanitary sewer through the issuance of a forgivable loan to qualifying homeowners, thereby contributing to the protection of public health and the environment through the reduction of Inflow and Infiltration. Undesirable connections can allow rain and ground water to make its way into the sanitary sewer. The sewer system is not designed to handle this additional water flow, which can overtax the system and contribute to sewer overflows into streams and/or lakes. Proper maintenance also eliminates the possibility of building sewer overflows caused by line defects and blockages, which can result in significant wastewater damage both inside and outside a property. The city’s program is being implemented consistent with Section 95 of the Creston Code of Ordinances.

The Southern Iowa COG Housing Trust Fund (SICOG HTF) will assist the City of Creston in the administration of the I&I Hardship Assistance Program.  The assistance will be directed towards owner-occupied households in Creston with repairs to their sanitary sewer in order to be compliant with city code.

Creston I&I Brochure – March 2019
Creston I&I Program – March 2019
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