Grant Opportunities


Some grants are commonly sought by SICOG members and other community development organizations in the region. This page provides a brief summary of some of the reoccurring grants. Please contact SICOG staff to determine the current status of all grants and to learn if the project being proposed will fit grant eligibility and priorities.


Grant  Funding Uses Eligible Applicants Estimated Deadlines
USDA Renewable Energy for America Program  Funding for renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects, feasibility studies  Businesses, farmers, and farm-related operations  Ongoing, pending approval of new farm bill 
Solid Waste Alternatives Program  Programs to encourage landfill alternatives 

Local governments, non-profits, for-profits Quarterly
USDA Rural Business Opportunity Program Rural business incubators, technology-based economic development, feasibility studies and business plans, long-term business strategic planning, leadership and entrepreneur training Local governments, nonprofit groups, and rural cooperatives Varies
Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) and River Enhancement CAT (RECAT) Tourism, recreation, and entertainment capital projects Local governments, non-profits Quarterly
Iowa Arts Council Grants Arts projects, hiring artists, cultural projects Local governments, non-profits Quarterly
Iowa DNR Water Access Cost Share Grant Construction or upgrading of water access projects, such as boat ramps Local governments  Winter/spring
Land and Water Conservation Fund IDNR funds for conservation and recreation projects and land acquisition Local governments  March
Iowa DNR Section 319 Watershed Planning Grant IDNR funds for watershed studies and plan for improvement projects Local governments, watershed groups April
Iowa DNR Watershed Implementation Grant and IDALS Water Protection Fund and Watershed Protection Fund grants Water protection and watershed improvement projects Led by county Soil and Water Conservation groups but including other local jurisdictions Spring
Keep Iowa Beautiful Beautification Grant Supports community beautification including public education/awareness, recycling, litter reduction, public nuisance abatement, creation or improvements to green spaces. Any public or nonprofit organization in a community of 5,000 persons or less Spring
FHLB Affordable Housing Program Affordable housing programs – ownership, new construction, rehabilitation, rental projects Local governments, non-profits, and private developers Spring/summer
Wildlife Habitat Promotion with Local Entities Program 75% cost-share funding for wildlife projects, including land acquisition, forestry work, fencing, etc. County conservation boards May & November
Iowa Historic Resources Development Programs Matching funds for documentaries, collections, historic preservation projects, and museums Local governments, tax exempt non-profits, some for profits May
FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Firefighting training, equipment, PPE, wellness, and vehicles Fire departments and non-affiliated EMS organizations Spring/summer
Living Roadways Trust Fund Roadside inventories, gateway and roadside plantings, research, demonstration/education, specific equipment Local governments and some non-profit organizations Summer
2012 Homeland Security Grant Program Implementation of State Homeland Security Strategies to address the identified planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs at the state and local levels to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism and other catastrophic events Local governments, law enforcement, councils of governments, higher education, hospitals, and non-profit organizations Summer
FEMA Assistance to Firefighters SAFER firefighter hiring program Funding to hire, rehire, or retain firefighters, with priority of those that have been laid off due to budget cuts Local fire departments Summer
Iowa Certified Local Governments Program Provides funding for historic preservation projects (restoration, museums, studies, research, others) Local governments with the endorsement of local Certified Local Governments in or near the jurisdiction Summer
Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Recreational and conservation projects including acquisition of land and easements, development of parks and multipurpose recreational facilities Cities and County Conservation Boards August 15
Iowa Watershed Improvement Review Board Watershed-based water quality protection programs, such as terracing, ponds, grasslands, riprap projects, etc. Cities, Counties, watershed groups, Soil and Water Conservation groups, public utilities Summer/fall when funds available
Iowa’s Living Roadways Visioning Program Community visioning and landscaping design plans Local governments and partner civic groups Usually fall
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Projects that protect life and property from floods, fire, storms, and other hazards; hazard mitigation planning Local governments, certain non-profits PDM is in fall; HMGP is after a Presidential Disaster in Iowa
Water Trails Site Planning and Work Crew Assistance Planning and low-tech work projects for water trails Local governments Fall
Dam Mitigation Assistance Program Water trail and dam mitigation projects Local governments Fall
CDBG Housing Fund Housing rehabilitation & homeownership assistance

Local governments Fall/winter
CDBG Water/Sewer Water & Sewer systems Local governments Fall/winter
CDBG Community Facilities Child care centers, certain special housing, sheltered workshops, homeless shelters, etc  Local governments  Fall/winter