Grant Opportunities

Some grants are commonly sought by SICOG members and other community development organizations in the region. This page provides a brief summary of some of the reoccurring grants. Please contact SICOG staff to determine the current status of all grants and to learn if the project being proposed will fit grant eligibility and priorities.




Funding Uses

Eligible Applicants

Due Date

Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines Affordable Housing Program

Housing grants for homeownership, down payment assistance, rental housing, development projects, and rehabilitation/renovation

Local governments, non-profits, private housing developers

May 31

Wildlife Habitat Promotion with Local Entities Program

75% cost-share funding for wildlife projects, including land acquisition, forestry work, fencing, etc.

County conservation boards

May 31

Branching Out Program

Tree planning projects

Cities served by Alliant Energy

June 1

USDA Community Facilities and Distance Learning grants opioid funding

Equipment, vehicles, buildings, educational programs, and technology to help address the opioid crisis.

Local governments, non-profits 

June 4

Wellmark Foundation MATCH Program

Promising projects that help individuals, families and communities achieve better health by creating safe and healthy environments that encourage physical activity and access to and consumption of nutritious foods.

Local governments, non-profits

June 8

Solid Waste Alternatives Program

Programs to encourage landfill alternatives – recycling, diversion, new technologies, new manufacturing processes, etc.

Local governments, non-profits, for-profits

June 30

CDBG Water and Sewer Program

Water and wastewater capital improvements: plants, mains, lagoons, pumps, towers, etc.

Local governments (governments can apply on behalf of sub-recipients, such as rural water associations and utility districts

June 30

State Recreational Trail Grant (IDOT)

Corridor recreational trail development projects

Local governments; non-profits may sponsor

July 1

Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT)

Tourism, recreation, and entertainment capital projects

Local governments, non-profits and some for profits

July 15

REAP Open Spaces Program

State funding for recreation, conservation, and outdoor resources projects

Cities and county conservation boards

August 15

Alliant Energy Foundation

Small typically non-capital projects, such as signage, exhibits, landscaping, computers, program support; focus areas are helping families, education, and environment.

Local governments, civic organizations, and nonprofits in Alliant’s service area

September 1

IDOT RISE Local Competition

Transportation infrastructure in support or to allow development of value-added employment opportunities, such as industrial parks, commercial areas, etc.

City and County governments

September 1