Grant Opportunities

Some grants are commonly sought by SICOG members and other community development organizations in the region. This page provides a brief summary of some of the reoccurring grants. Please contact SICOG staff to determine the current status of all grants and to learn if the project being proposed will fit grant eligibility and priorities.




Funding Uses

Eligible Applicants

Due Date

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program ($1,400,000 Iowa allocation)

Hazard mitigation plans and projects, including tornado safe rooms, building and utility retrofits, minor flood control projects, elevations and relocations of buildings in flood hazard areas and storm water management projects.

Local governments, certain non-profit organizations

As long as funds remain

Keep Iowa Beautiful Build With Bags program

Grants that award up to $2,000 toward the purchase and installation of recycled material benches, containers, and the like for parks and school playgrounds

Any governmental entity, organization (i.e. service clubs, non-profit organizations) within Iowa

March 30

Solid Waste Alternatives Program

Programs to encourage landfill alternatives – recycling, diversion, new technologies, new manufacturing processes, etc.

Local governments, non-profits, for-profits

March 31

CDBG Water and Sewer Program

Water and wastewater capital improvements: plants, mains, lagoons, pumps, towers, etc.

Local governments (governments can apply on behalf of sub-recipients, such as rural water associations and utility districts)

March 31

Union County SCICF grants

Projects with permanent impact on Union County residents, including community betterment, arts, beautification, and human needs projects

Local governments, non-profits in Union County and/or serving Union County

April 1

Derelict Building Program

Perform environmental studies, deconstruct buildings, and rehabilitate buildings that are dilapidated; building or property must have an end use.

Local governments (government is applicant and must have some level of ownership interest at application due date)

April 4

Community Development Financial Assistance Fund

Financial and technical assistance awards for Community Development Financial Institutions to invest in rural communities

Certified, certifiable, and emerging CDFIs

April 4

Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT)

Tourism, recreation, and entertainment capital projects

Local governments, non-profits and some for profits

April 15

CDBG Community Facilities and Services

This annual competitive program offers grants to assist communities with a variety of projects including day care facilities, senior centers, vocational workshops and other community services such as storm water projects

Cities and counties, often on behalf of sub-recipient non-profit organizations, such as a childcare center board

April 20

CDBG Downtown Revitalization Program

Provides grants to communities for a variety of projects and activities contributing to comprehensive revitalization in historic city centers

Cities and counties

April 27

USDA Rural Business Development Grant

Targeted technical assistance, training and other activities leading to the development or expansion of small and emerging private businesses

Local governments, non-profits, higher education, rural cooperatives, related organizations

April 30

Ringgold County SCICF grants


Projects with permanent impact on Ringgold County residents, including community betterment, arts, beautification, and human needs projects


Local governments, non-profits in Ringgold County and/or serving Ringgold County


May 1

                                    Iowa Cultural Heritage Project Grant

Grants up to $10,000 to support a community project that creates jobs for Iowans and provides access to a cultural heritage experience

Local governments and non-profits

May 1

Iowa Cultural Affairs Capacity Building Grant

Up to $2,500 to build organizational capacity of cultural organizations to operate and provide programs for the community

Nonprofit arts and culture organizations with budgets under $150,000

May 1

Iowa Great Places New Designations

Applications for new designations and for projects in those newly designated communities. These grants can be substantial.

Local governments and non-profits

May 1

Iowa Arts Project Grant

Grants up to $10,000 to support the creation and presentation of new artwork, development of an arts experience or formation of an arts education program.

Local governments and non-profits

May 1

CDBG Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

Owner-Occupied rehabilitation for single-family homes being used as the principal residence.

Cities and counties

May 4

Wellmark Foundation MATCH Program

Promising projects that help individuals, families & communities achieve better health by creating safe & healthy environments that encourage physical activity & consumption of nutritious foods.

Local governments, non-profits

June 8

Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines Affordable Housing Program

Housing grants for homeownership, down payment assistance, rental housing, development projects, and rehabilitation/renovation

Local governments, non-profits, private housing developers

June 30